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Custom Truck Lists

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ranked Worst to Best: 2019 Full-Size Trucks

by on June 27, 2019

First of all, thank you so much for watching.

Secondly, please take two seconds support this channel by clicking subscribe. I really appreciate it now. Here is today's video every full-size pickup truck ranked from worst to best. Let's get started, tries of might the grain
Toyota Tundra is not quite up to the challenge of the competition. Despite standard active safety features and a spacious interior power, trains include two v8s: the maximum towing and payload ratings of ten thousand five hundred pounds and two thousand eighty pounds. Toyota's largest truck is shown as age, though, as much hasn't been touched since its last major redesign way back for the 2007 model year. Fuel economy is abysmal, the ride is rough and exterior. Styling is outdated, Nissan's second-generation Titan is a valiant attempt to challenge established trucks from the American big three, but it doesn't quite hit the mark, although it can give you up and go and have sufficient braking power. Its ride, steering and handling aren't as refined as the competition's and disappointing infotainment system Mars. The otherwise large comfortable cabin towing is a highlight at least the Titan can tow up to nine thousand seven hundred and forty pounds, which is more than enough for most owners and every model can pull at least ninety one hundred pounds to ninety seven hundred pounds.

Despite having much in common with the equally new Chevrolet Silverado, the Sierra 1500 has a uniquely chiseled design. Some might say that GMC is better looking than it's over styled Chevy sibling. It alone is available with an adaptive suspension, a versatile multi position, split folding tailgate and a resilient carbon fiber cargo bed. The Sierra has a rougher ride than the RAM 1500, but at least the steering is responsive and body roll decently. Restrained too bad. The high-priced Denali model fails to feel high-class, like the Silverado. The Sierra is saddled with an interior that, despite being all-new, feels carryover and old with subpar materials. Although GM sees marketing types would like you to believe that the Sierra is no longer just a pricier Silverado.

The two remain very similar in their execution. Silverados weapon in the ever raging truck wars is the recently redesigned Silverado 1500.

It's easy to spot the new silverado because it looks distinctive, but if it's new skin the Silverado 1500 doesn't feel all that new agile handling comes at the expense of a busy firm ride and the rear axle hop and chatter. On washboard surfaces as a throwback to the bygone era in pickup trucks, suspension, behavior and the interior is plain. Looking and seemingly identical to the old trucks. There is a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine that joins a range of v8s and a v6.

The f-150 Raptor is the best pickup for pulse-pounding desert, running and pure dumb fun and, at more than does its part, to hold up the f-150 lineup as a solid pick among full-size trucks. The Raptor features a 450 horsepower twin-turbo v6 that can deliver 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Braking is a weak point thanks to the off-road tires, but the Raptors soft suspension provides a comfortable and surprisingly controlled ride on and off road of all Raptors. The super crew has the best maxxtow and payload ratings at 8,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds, but the stubby Super Cab model looks the most like a trophy truck and therefore is much cooler and fuel economy is decent around 80 miles per gallon on the highway below. For its legendary capabilities, the f-150 was until recently car drivers, favorite full-size pickup nettie, multiple 10 best awards.

Those accolades bolster the Fords position as a strong second place choice in this segment behind the newer Ram 1500 that recently beat it in one of their comparison tests. Engine options include a 3.3 liter v6 with 265 pound feet of torque, a 2.7 liter twin turbo, v6 400 pound-feet of torque, a Power Stroke, diesel 3 litre v6, 440 pound-feet, a twin turbo, 3.5 liter, v6, 470 pound-feet of torque and a 5 liter v8 400. Pound-Feet of torque all engines saved the base. V6 get a 10 speed automatic transmission. A touchscreen infotainment system is optional, as is 4G LTE, Wi-Fi adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking and finally Rams new for 2019 1500. It has proven itself in car drivers latest pickup truck comparison test against its segments, rivals from GM and Ford and winning that 3 truck showdown.

The RAM leapfrogs 2018 s, full-size 10 best trucks, the f-150 and f-150 Raptor to become car and drivers. Favorite efficiency takes a front seat with automatic, stop start active aerodynamics and a 48 volt hybrid powertrain option. Another class exclusive air suspension smoothes out the ride, and the truck is outstanding to drive to cab.

Styles, quad and crew join three engine choices that top out at ten thousand six hundred and twenty pounds of towing capability. Several carry over two thousand eighteen trims, badged classic help fill in the gaps as the two thousand nine trucks enter production. That'S my video for today now take two seconds. Click subscribe. If you haven't already and leave some comments below about some upcoming videos, you'd like to see until next time, I'm Dave Erickson thanks for watching adios, one more thing before you go. I'Ve added links to some of the best-selling automotive accessories on

Amazon right now, along with links to some of my product reviews, you'll find it in the description below this video

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

$35K Modified F150 VS $70K Ford Raptor | What's the better value?

by on June 19, 2019

[, Music ], you [, Music ]. In today's video, we are looking at a special edition, ram 1500 sedan with a six-figure price tag. I was really fascinated by this model, and I thought you guys would enjoy this as well, and all the details are coming up in a sec, but the company that makes this is the Italian brand as Nam, so they make bags luggage and other luxury goods with Carbon fiber and leather and under the ABS non-brand, is the as Nam automotive division, which is a boutique car builder that basically pimped out vehicles to make them super luxurious. The newest automotive trend seems to be a crossover, sedan style, and this is on the rise, especially after Mercedes announced their vision, Maybach ultimate luxury concept in China last month, which, I have to admit, looks pretty cool now, as Nam is following this trend with what they Call the as Nam a luxe - I think it's pronounced that way, if not sure - and I can only describe this as a super luxury sedan that is fitted onto the body of the Ram 1500. This also reminds me of the Cadillac Escalade EXT, where they kind of turn the Escalade into a pickup truck that was around from 2002 to 2013, but it only sold 70 thousand times in 12 years befre finally getting cancelled. So it wasn't too popular for the as Nam at 2x. You can get one for yourself for the starting price of two hundred twenty thousand year olds or around 260 thousand US dollars before taxes. If you're wondering about the name, a Lux is an acronym for all-terrain utility luxury. So let's have a look at all the features of this thing. I'M still trying to take in how it looks and it's something different and unique, but that's not always a good thing, but there are still some crazy luxury features that really attracted my attention. So officially this is a four seater sedan and from the front you can still see the distinct Ram look with the grille and headlights, but all the RAM badges are replaced with a tool X. There are also still the wheel-to-wheel side steps that are found on the original truck, but after the second doors, where things really change, there's a sloping roof and an extra rear window added and the crew cab has nearly doubled in size. This extra space allows for another sunroof and lots of rear passenger room. The chassis connections between the front and rear of the car were modified. Creating new attachment points to help strengthen the body and overall, the atul looks, is nineteen point six feet or almost 6 metres long, even though the crew cab is technically longer, there's less bedrooms, since the extra space is for passengers inside and the smaller trunk. Now has a slide up floor for easier access, and now, instead of seating, five people in the truck, you can only seat four people, two up front and two in the back. As far as I know, nothing has changed about the engine, which is the 5.7 liter. V8 Hemi that you get from the factory and the most recent specs for this were 395 horsepower, 410 pound-feet of torque and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The braking system has been improved with bigger discs, 16.5 inches up front and 15 inches in the rear and upgraded eight piston front calipers as well. Air suspension is added for a better ride. Quality and the entire cabin has been soundproofed using specific materials to reduce noise and vibrations moving on to the inside. It'S basically a luxury lounge, with more features than a car would ever need go on are the fiat-chrysler plastics and all the cheap surfaces they have inside the cars, and these are replaced by full grain, nubuck, leather, Alcantara or wood. On almost every surface in the entire car, the rear passengers definitely have it best with pretty much unlimited legroom back there and a skylight over the back seats. There'S also a massive center console running right through the whole interior of the car, and this is made from blown steamed bleached oak inside that center console is an automatic lifting, Nespresso coffee machine with storage for different pause. In case you get bored of one flavor, [, Music ] and on the size of that center console is a glass drawer which holds one champagne, flute and two whiskey glasses on either side in the center armrest between the rear seats. There'S a 15 litre refrigerator that holds two bottles of champagne and other booze, keeping it nice and cold tired of drinking while you get chauffeured around well, that's okay, because there's an integrated, Xbox one hidden underneath the coffee machine. This connects to two 17 inch LED TV screens that swing down right from the roof. There are 10 speakers and a subwoofer connected to the TVs totalling an output of 1200 watts. Both the front and rear seats also control their own Sun, roofs and air conditioning systems. As well, unfortunately, there's not too many details released about what you get in the two front seats at the moment, so I'm not going to talk about those. As for pricing, as I've mentioned, it starts at 260 thousand US dollars, but customers can also upgrade and choose from a vast catalogue of different leathers woods finishes and other features. So basically, if you got the money, they will try to make it happen for you. But the only thing, I'm not sure, is how you're gon na get your ramp to and from Italy or if they supply the RAM for you and then send it over to you as Nam, is now taking orders for these. If you do happen to have 300 grand lying around anyways guys, that's the end of the video, I do have to say that these would be so sick to see in person, and I'm amazed that a company's pimping out a ram like this, the outside may be Kind of questionable, but the inside is definitely phenomenal. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. Let me know what you think of this thing and make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Mopar content. I'Ll, see you next video thanks for watching [, Music, ]

5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels & Tires

by on June 19, 2019

Hey guys, foot again with custom offsets custom offsets TV on the YouTube. You guys asked for five more mistakes from buying wheels and tires, so we're bringing that to you now. So if you haven't seen the first five mistakes, make sure you check out that one. But additionally, we will show you five more, so one common one that we get all the time is people think they can reuse their stock. Lug nuts, so you'll see how much bigger this is compared to an aftermarket lug nut that you can get when you buy your wheels and tires. So this one is no good, basically with every wheel and tire the aftermarket lug nuts are required because the stock ones don't fit and there's many different styles you can choose from whether it be the standard, chrome, clothes them, spline, there's the open, acorn style and there's The other black ones, one other thing that people commonly might mess up on their order is that they don't completely understand that if it's between a chrome, wheel and a polish wheel. So this wheel is a fully cast wheel and has a chrome finish on it, which gives you this look, the shiny, you know, polished metal, look, but this is a chrome, whereas, like American force or especially forged those sports wheels, that's a forged block of aluminum, a Single piece and then that's polished and it's basically the raw finish on the outside. So it takes a lot more maintenance to clean a fully polished wheel. Then there's a chrome, wheel and they're a lot more expensive, because it's that single piece of aluminum, so the chrome wheels, like I said, easier to clean, easier to maintain because you can just wash them. Whereas a fully polished wheel is going to require polishing a true polish with a buffer and really getting in there with some elbow grease to keep them clean, and so another misconception is that you can just buy your big wheels and tires now and install the lift Kit later well, as you can see now, this is an extreme example, because this is a lower truck, but even if it was a stock type vehicle - and you want to go put this tire in here - you might be able to bolt it on. You might be able to set the truck gun on the lift, but I guarantee you won't be able to turn so. You can't go out and buy. You know 35, 37 and 38. It'S the big tires big wheels and then expect to put them on and just save up and get the lift kit later you're going to actually want to do that in the other order, if you're trying to separate things and buy one before the other install your Lift kit first because it'll make picking out your wheels and tires that much easier. So next a lot of questions we get revolve around spiked lug nut. So you can take a look at this wheel, you'll notice it has a cap which means you can't run spike. Lug nuts, the reason why they have a cover cap, because, on the back side, you see this is a dual drilled: 6 lug, meaning it fits both Ford and Chevy bolt patterns. Now, sometimes on the website, you might see a picture of one wheel that has exposed lug nuts and the other. That doesn't, even though it's the same wheel. So the reason why that banker walks in the middle of our videos is because he really just wants to be on TV yeah. The reason why that is is because a lot of 8 lug applications do have exposed caps. Will you have holes cut out or the cap is redesigned to fit around the hole, so you can run those spike lug nuts put on a covered cap? There'S no way to do it. Unless you want to cut out hole in that cat yourself - and I don't recommend that so another misconception is people think that they can install these wheels and tires by themselves. And while that is true in a lot of cases, some people just don't have the proper tools, it's very important when you're adding this much rolling mass to your vehicle, that you're torquing them to the proper spec and then reach working them later on. So if you don't have a torque wrench, it's not a good idea to take your impact and just run this thing to 12, okay, Doug! So, hopefully understanding these five mistakes that people commonly make will help you. So you don't make mistakes when you're ordering your wheels and tires from custom all sets com. That'S it peace, [, Music, ]! You

Hey guys, forgive them custom offsets custom offsets TV on the YouTube. We got banker working
hard here installing a lift kit on this truck at offsets garage. So we thought we should probably bring you another video called the five things you need to think about before you lift your truck, so these aren't necessarily requirements to do before you lift it, but you want to keep these in mind when you're looking to build your Truck so number one on the list, then this is banker's personal vehicle and it's like a 2010 or doesn't love or something like that. So it's getting up there, an age which means, if you go to install your lift kit, there's a good chance. You'Re gon na want to replace some front-end parts so like ball, joints or CV axle could be worn, sway bar end links all that stuff in the front needs to be taken care of. Before you put the lift kit in because you're just gon na run into problems further down the road now, if you have one of these there's a good chance, you won't need to replace anything. This is a brand new f-350 Super Duty, so everything in the front end is brand new. There'S no need to replace any components here. You can buy your lip kit, throw it on in so the second thing you're gon na, want to consider when lifting your truck and putting on bigger wheels and tires is you're, probably gon na need to recalibrate your speedometer. We use the speedometer calibrator from Hypertech here locally it offsets garage, so it doesn't necessarily mean when you plug this in, and you have thirty fives that you're gon na put in thirty-five a lot of times on the structural building. Now, because of the weight of the truck and the sidewall flex, it actually drops down to like a 33 and a quarter so just use your phone and check the GPS speed they're compared to the speed in the truck, and that's how you do that now. The third thing you may not think about when you're, actually lifting your truck, is how are you gon na get in there now when you're, a short guy like me, it's actually pretty tough, so you might want to think about getting some amp steps for your truck. It'S just gon na help you get on in there. You can lift right up, and then you go so here at custom offsets. We have a lot of garage doors. These ones are a little bit smaller. Those ones are a little bit bigger and a really common question we get asked is: how will I know if my truck is gon na fit inside my garage, so we obviously have the really tall garage doors. Don'T have to worry about that, but the thing is: if you put a six inch lift on your truck, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's just going to go up to six inches. You have to also take into consideration the height of the tires that you're putting on and that's gon na affect. If you can fit your vehicle in your garage or not. Now, as a common, like rule of thumb, a Chevy Silverado or like your f-150 with a six-inch lift and thirty five s is gon na just barely clear your 7-foot garage door. If you got an 8 foot garage door like most people, do then you're fine, otherwise you're gon na have to if you got any bigger than that, get like the 10 foot garage doors or if you really want to go all out, we got like 14 foot Garage doors you can get some of those, so then. Lastly, the fifth thing on our list, and now this one I got to take you for a ride to kind of show you what I'm talking about, but before we get in. Like I mentioned before. These answer steps come in really handy when you're short like me, so when you lift your truck or even in this situation, it's just a leveling kit, but we have giant chrome wheels on here with some big mud, terrains, you're, gon na notice, the power loss and You'Re gon na notice a decrease in fuel mileage, and that's just something you have to be prepared for before you lift your vehicle like this Hummer is now getting like eight miles to the gallon driving it Knights, our big white lifted 2500, getting on the highway. The other day it was getting two miles per gallon and I think that's only because that's as low as the computer would let it go. So what some people do to combat that is re, giving their truck, and we get a lot of questions on that too. And it's not necessarily something that's a requirement until you get above like 38, but it definitely helps if you're trying to get back. Some of that acceleration that you lost by lifting your truck and putting on big wheels and tires, and nowadays with vehicles that have like an 8 or a 10 speed transmission, something you notices on the highway. Your truck might be shifting down gears a lot more than it. You see if you come to a hill or you're trying to accelerate on the highway, just something to be aware of before you buy it, but things like tunes or rehearing or something you can do to fix that. So if you've been thinking about lifting your truck and you're kind of not sure where to get started, those are the five things that you want gon na want to consider before you ended up lifting it. If you want to get more information on anything that I talked about today, we basically have a video on everything, so you can just search our youtube channel. That'S all! For now, I'm out of here

So you got a new truck now. You'Ve got the bug and want to make it even better. But where do you start if you're not ready for more advanced upgrades like a lift kit and steel bumpers, then keep watching? Because we've got any of the upgrades for your new truck: hey guys, can you before we're all online and welcome to truck accessories? Explain everything we're about to list is available for, so make sure to check us out after you watch the video and hit that subscribe button first up number one on our list is instead of truck nuts. Okay. Now, no we're not really going to tell you to buy truck nuts. Those are so last year. We think that's the easiest, and probably one of the most functional upgrades you can make is replacing your carpet floor mats with a rubber set. This simple upgrade means you can get as much mud on your boots as you want and still be able to wash them off with the hose when you get home. Also, a tu and keeping your truck clean and shiny is mud flaps. Now they won't keep your truck perfectly clean, but mud flaps do lower the amount of dirt and rocks and other debris that could scrape up your paint. Our third suggestion for upgrades to your new truck are wheels and tires. You can choose to go larger and wider, or stick with your stock sizes, an upgrade to more aggressive tires and wheels can really take a stock truck from good to great in both looks and performance. It'S also one area where the customization is nearly limitless at SEMA. The wheel and tires exhibit halls are nearly half a million square feet. If you can't find something you like here, you may not actually like cars or trucks at all. Now, in some states your new wire tires can cause problems with the law. If they stick out past the body of your truck and that's what fender flares come in available in a number of different styles from sleek street flares to stop looking bolt, ons fender flares are easy to install and generally considered an affordable upgrade. Bushwhacker is a great company to start with, when you're looking for fender flares for your new truck next on our list is to upgrade your side step, whether your truck didn't come with them at all, or you just aren't happy with yours. New nerf bars are a solid addition to your ride. We'Ve got a bunch of styles to choose from there's the end fab step running boards, rock sliders and more color match black or chrome. It'S your truck, do whatever you think looks better extra security protection from the element and fuel efficiency are just a few reasons you might want to buy. Tonneau cover, which comes in at number. Six. There are a ton of options for tonneau covers some of the files. Are roll-up, folding, retractable, hinged covers and heavy duty. We highly suggest doing your research here, because each type has different features and benefits, and if you keep a look out, we will be doing a video, so they subscribe now good, looks and functionary nice. Well. What? If you want to add more power, our next two upgrades have to do with the engine and in a number seven is a new intake. Increasing air input to your engine can easily add anywhere from ten to fifty horsepower and takes just under an hour to insult and our final easy upgrades for your new truck. We have a tuner. Not only will it sooner add power, but it allows the ultimate customization of your truck with options like rev, limiter settings shift points and other electronic settings. Another benefit is that, if you put on larger tires, a tuner will fix your speedometer to correct for the size, change, be sure to check out the wide range of products available for weld line and subscribe to our channel for new video every Friday until next time. I'M Tenma 4-wheel online

5 MODS that RUINED trucks...

by on June 19, 2019

What'S going on, you guys flew from custom, offsets custom offsets TV on the YouTube, and it is about time that we finally give you a build update on the f-350, because it's been a couple weeks. We bought it. It'S been chilling at the shop. So it's time to show you the progress. This is what we've done. Unfortunately, we've just pulled it into the hoist. It'S not actually even on the hoist it's just in the hoist and it's stuck. We do have like a thousand miles on it. So cos we've been driving it, but it's that I'm sorry we'll jump into the video now all right. So I don't want to offend anyone when I make this video, but the thing is we all have been there at some point. Even some of us here, I'm not gon na name names and we're not gon na admit that we ever did any of these modifications to our vehicles, but it happened. That'S how it goes. We were all sixteen or seventeen at some point other than if you're 15 right now and watching this, then I guess you weren't, but basically everybody that watches our channel was a kid at some point, and I know that because that's how life works and we did Modifications to our vehicles that I'm not gon na say we regret, but we maybe shouldn't have because they're questionable and quality and just questionable overall and they might look strange or they perform weird. They don't do what they say. They'Re gon na do or it's the cheap knockoff ones and we've all been there. Let'S just let's get that out of the way we've been there, we've done it. We all understand so jumping right into it, then we're going to cover five of the like worst mods or five of the mods, that ruined our vehicles and just go over those today so coming into it. Like I said, the first one has to do a suspension. Now suspension is expensive, I'm just gon na put that out there. Even if you buy a base model kit, chances are you're gon na, be spending at bare minimum a couple hundred dollars, but most of the time well over a thousand dollars. And if you want something that rides like a Cadillac like we keep getting emails about, be prepared to spend like three four five thousand dollars, depending on what you go with now, when you're, 16 or 17, you don't have that kind of money. At least I didn't. I'M speaking from experience, there was no way that I had that much cash saved up and I didn't even have a credit card because I was not 18 yet and didn't know what credit was so I couldn't do so. What everybody did does did do currently is doing in high school is cranking their keys, so on, like I think it. Oh three, two, oh seven classic Chevy 1500 is a great example. Torsion bar truck people will go in there. They take their half inch. Milwaukee m18 fuel impact and they just drive those straight up and it lifts the front end, which is great because that's what they wanted to do. They wanted to lift the front end, so they put bigger, wheels and tires on and then they realize that it rides. Like a brick, if you could take a brick and put it down the highway and it would bounce all over the place, that's how your truck rides now, but are you lifted yeah sort of kinda? You got the front end higher. That was your overall goal. It looks how you want, but it just rides like crap and we've all been there. We'Ve all done it, but if we're gon na you know give some advice here. Just by the leveling kit, you can get a leveling kit for cheap, like two hundred dollars say roughly, it really depends on what you're, getting especially on my portion of our trucks, they're pretty cheap to get leveling keys just go with that. Don'T crank your stock keys! Okay, yes, I did it. I had a ranger one time I cranked the keys on that. It rode like crap, we're just gon na get that out of the way moving on to the next one. So a first mod that many many people do to their vehicle is exhaust, and now the options are basically endless when it comes to what you're. Putting on your truck, but when it comes to the bad form of exhaust or something that we wouldn't want you to do, that would be straight pipes now. I am guilty of this. I'M gon na say that I feel like I've done. Basically, every single one of these - and I said I wasn't gon na, say names, but I can say my own: that's fine, I'm gon na! Do it just about every vehicle that I've owned, especially when I was younger. I got it so get next day to the muffler shop instead cut those suckers off, because I want straight pipes and every kid in my high school that had their 97 f150 had either straight pipes or cherry bomb', and they were loud as heck. There was no back pressure for your motor and we just gassed it everywhere. We went straight to the floor as loud as possible because we thought that was the coolest thing ever and now that I'm older. I know that that's not necessarily good for your vehicle and it's not that cool to be really loud because of one simple reason: if you are across the block and you do a Burnout and there's a cop and he's over there, you're really loud, he can hear You he's gon na come over and get you that's the problem. If you have a truck, that's not quite so loud, you can go screw around over there, and this guy is over here. He'S just gon na keep eating this doughnut he's just he's just hanging out. So it's great! So if you're gon na put exhaust system on your truck look into something quality, don't just go for the cheapest option, because there are a ton out there on Amazon and eBay and they're called MTM motorsports and our PR whatever. Because they just have random letters. And you don't know the quality of those things, but you read through the list and it says aircraft grade aluminum or it has some 10.1 steel and it makes you feel like you're, getting a quality piece of equipment when really you're. Probably not, and you don't have any gaskets and the welds aren't good and the whole thing falls apart. So if you're gon na spend the money on exhaust, don't spend $ 200 just go ahead and buy an actual true exhaust system, because not only will it sound better, it won't be obnoxiously loud and rat feet unless you're going forward and go ahead and do it. But it also will actually help performance versus just having no back pressure at all and just winging it. The next one number three we've been here: we've done it, it's called Plasti Dip. Custom offsets has done it requested it, the entire truck. We wouldn't recommend it. Don'T do it it's it's terrible! It'S a pain in there to take off. Why did we consider plastidip Ahmad? You probably have seen this on the Internet. Hashtag plastidip is not a mod. Well, you know it's great for badges. If you're, trying to black out your badges or you want to black out your drill, it's cool, it works good. You know it goes on nicely, but the biggest issue is you can't take it off. I know it's marketed that you can just peel it off, but it doesn't work like that. We did a whole truck, it took forever to get off and then the biggest downfall probably isn't actually taking it off, because there's a good chance. If you spend the money to get your whole vehicle professionally dipped you like that look, you wanted to go for a matte paint job, but paint jobs are $ 6,000 and plastidip for a vehicle as $ 1,000. So it's just way cheaper to do it. That way, that's why people do it. If you take a truck off-road or if you drive your truck down the street and there's any sort of dust out there, it clings to it because Plasti Dip is a rubber. So literally, everything sticks to it and it basically like eats its way into the Plasti Dip, and you can pressure wash it. It won't come off. You can sit there and scrub on it and it won't come off. So then, you're, like alright I'll, put some elbow grease into it. We'Re gon na really scrape on this we're gon na we're gon na get the dirt out of my plastidip, because I took my plastic tip, avalanche mudding and now it's covered in everything that was black. Now looks Brown well now you tear the plat to dip, and now your truck is peeling in places you like alright I'll, just grab this cannon I'll just fill in some of the spots, and now it's uneven and blotchy and it just doesn't look good Plasti Dip Is not a mod, don't do it? I'M sorry. If you have Plasti Dip on your truck, I'm not trying to offend you. I'M just saying speaking from experience, Plasti Dip bad choice. Then we have classy tip wheels. I'M just gon na say this: don't if you want new wheels, come with coconuts a deck out soft plugs. We touched briefly on exhaust, but for the next point I'm just gon na call it like poor man's performance mods, because you walk into autozone you head over to aisle 7. You go past the cashier you're like scuse me. Sorry, I got ta get this. You see that big, shiny, cold air intake and you're, like that's the one I got ta, have it it's just a plastic tube that they've made appear to be chrome and it's got your blue filter on the end, because it's awesome and who wouldn't want a colored Filter but the issue of that is that kits like $ 40 and it's not actually a cold air intake, because your cone is still in the engine bay right next to your engine. We'Re super hot, so you've basically made a short RAM intake or a hot air intake, and it doesn't actually help the performance of your vehicle. But I can totally see why you spent for $ 40, because if you want the K,

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