Custom Truck Lists

Custom Truck Lists

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

BEST Aftermarket Parts EVER!

Alright guys so first things. First, the slide. I'M left here that one it's not staying on like supposed to see that staying on not staying on something new there's like a shirt or maybe one of the cables up like that. I don't know. I know what's going on so: let's uh jump in there, real, quick and I'll figure it out you all right, so I think I got to figure it out. So what's happening is one of the wires that actually has a connection to that bulb. You see that it's just not making contact the right way. It has to be out of certain angle, and you know it certain pressure and it just musical connections loose somewhere along the line there. So what I'm gon na do I'm not going to bother with it? I'M just going to get the part number here and I'm probably just going to order a completely new harness for this entire thing back here and then I'll. Just replace that hey guys. So I tried to film in this in a different location other than just my beautiful Raj here, but it wasn't working out. The wine was blowing too hard and it was drawing up my voice and you couldn't hear anything besides. I think this is actually the end of being a better shot anyway, just because some of the mods are obviously lights that you probably won't have been able to see out in the sunlight anyway. So hopefully this works out a little bit better, so the biggest mod and the most obvious one is that the truck is dipped. The color is anthracite gray and then the second most obvious one is the trim pieces. So the grille, the light bezels, the fender flares the side moldings the steps all of that has been wrapped or lined so the rest of the mods arm. I'Ll just do a 360 around the truck and I'll point them out. As I remember them, or as I see them so starting with the first one that I get a lot of questions about both in person and in the forums is a three little lights that you see behind the grille, the Raptor style LED lights and those are Actually wired to the main headlights, so as soon as I unlock the vehicle or the vehicle senses that the headlights should go on, those three lights come on with it as well. So the other mod that I have behind the grille is that 32 inch light bar that you see there and the reason why I put it behind the grille is because I'm actually not a fan of having it mounted on the roof or having it mounted. On the hood somewhere at least not for this style truck again, just my personal taste, so what I did is I just took off the grille. I would put it behind there it's bolted directly on to some of the molding there and it's holding up just fine. It'S been on there for about a year and a half now and that's hooked up directly to the battery and then to a wireless harness. So whether the vehicle is on Raw, the light will actually come on, and this Wireless harness allows me to. You know control different features, so stro pulse and then just a flash there. Moving on to the headlights here on both the high beam and the low beam have up seven 5k, true white bulbs in them just standard HID not LEDs or anything like that. They'Re really bright, really reliable. I'Ve had to sit on for over a year and a half. Now I've had to replace the relay itself once but other than that the bulbs are still holding on strong, very, very bright can't complain, no flicker always come on first time. So, since we're looking at the front of the truck nothing too fancy here, I do have an AFP, cold air intake momentum right there and then the other thing I have in here since we're going to be in there anyway, is I decided to put in a Throttle body spacer and yes, I know that does do absolutely nothing for new trucks like this one, but again we're going to be in there, and I said you know only a hundred bucks it. Why not? So I threw that in there as well - and this is what it sounds like so as you're able to hear on it's nice, it's loud, it's got a subtle /, it's nothing too overwhelming you

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